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CoD: Black Ops

2010-12-14 02:41:20 by wagnerben

So, I finally got Black Ops last week and i don't think i've ever been so disappointed from a game purchase. i seriously hated everything about this game. the story sucked, the graphics look glitchy, the multiplayer was way too complex (like who the fuck cares about face paint!), and the zombies, which i thought would make up for it, did seems like they just tried too hard. i'm hoping someone will read this and decide to rent the game first before they decide to buy...because that's what i wish i did. i'm not even lying, this game literally makes me physically ill...i feel like i want to puke when i play it.



2010-07-24 04:43:13 by wagnerben

i'm in the process of forming a team for my next (and hopfully not shitty)! if you can write (dialouge, story line, etc.), draw (not needed as much), OR are a musician, please, please hit me up if you're interested in making a game!